Lab Updates:

Next Microscopy Club meeting

November 15. Digital images and their analysis, by Christopher Schmied (Cellular Imaging Core Facility, FMP). mClub page

circRTrain Course - Tissue Clearing, Lightsheet Microscopa and Data Handling

circRTrain students join the workshop organized by Stephan and Andrew Woehler. Read more

New collaborating PhD student - Peter Hirst

Peter is a new shared PhD student together with the Kainmüller lab. Read more

New Publication: MTrack

Our new paper is out - MTrack: Automated Detection, Tracking, and Analysis of Dynamic Microtubules. Read more

New Publication: BigStitcher

Our new paper is out - BigStitcher: Reconstructing high-resolution image datasets of cleared and expanded samples. Read more

HFSP Grant

HFSP has provided 900,000$ in funding for a project on quantitative dissection of molecular determinants of enhancer function. Read more


NVIDIA contributed a Quadro P6000 graphics card to support the research of Stephan, Klim, and Ella.

Marwan Zouinkhi Has Joined Our Lab!

Marwan is a new PhD student in the lab. He’s developing software and imaging strategies to quantify circRNA expression in terabyte sized reconstructions of whole animal lightsheet microscopy acquisitions. Read more

Friedrich Preusser Has Joined Our Lab!

Friedrich is a new PhD student in the lab. He is investigating regulatory gene networks that drive morphological changes in the C. elegans dauer. Read more

The Berlin Summer Meeting Is Now!

Follow the Berlin Summer Meeting 8-10 June live on twitter: #BSM2017. Read more

Open PhD Position: Computer Vision and Machine Learning on Big Data

Be part of our H2020 Innovative Training Network Grant Read more

New publication: MaMuT

New publication on cell tracking using multiview reconstructions of lightsheet microscopy images. Read more

Nikita Vladimirov Has Joined Our Lab!

Nikita Vladimirov, PhD, is working on lightsheet microscopy with adaptive optics for imaging living organisms in optically anisotropic mounting media. Read more

Fiji + Knime Hackathon in Dresden

Klim just came back from the Hackathon in Dresden. Read more

Summary: EU-Life Course

Today we concluded the “EU-Life Course: Biological Image Reconstruction and Analysis”. Read more

Video tutorial: sample-based registration

New video tutorial on sample-based registration of lightsheet data using the Multiview Reconstruction. Read more

New publications: lightsheet image reconstruction

New publications on multiview reconstruction of lightsheet microscopy images. Read more

EU-Life Course: Biological Image Reconstruction and Analysis

November 14-18th we are organizing the EU-Life Course: “Biological Image Reconstruction and Analysis”. Read more

Our New Website is on the Air!

Welcome to our new lab website. Where you can learn more about our research and lab-life. Read more

The first lightsheet C.elegans video

We generated the first lightsheet video of a developing C.elegans. Read more