31 Jul 2018

Sevinc Ercan, New York University
Host: Stephan Preibisch, Location: TBA

Chromosome compaction and gene regulation in C. elegans

11 Sep 2018

Arnau Sébe-Pedrós, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
Host: Jan Philipp Junker, Location: Großer HS Oskar-und-Cécile-Vogt-Haus (B55)

Early metazoan cell type diversity and regulation by single-cell RNA-seq analysis

23 Jan 2018

Menno Creyghton, Hubrecht Institute Utrecht
Host: Ana Pombo, Location: Großer HS Oskar-und-Cécile-Vogt-Haus (B55)

Regulatory evolution in the human brain and the emergence of neurodegenerative disease

30 Jan 2018

Marc Halfon, University of Buffalo
Host: Robert Zinzen, Location: Axon II

Evolution of a conserved gene regulatory network during Aedes aegypti nervous system development

12 Feb 2018

Marc A. Marti-Renom, Center for Genomic Regulation Barcelona
Host: Ana Pombo, Location: Axon II

Structure determination of genomes and genomic domains by satisfaction of spatial restraints

13 Mar 2018

Debora Marks, Harvard Medical School Boston
Host: Ana Pombo, Location: Axon II

Learning the Secrets of Sequences with Deep Generative Models

20 Mar 2018

Matthew Ronshaugen, University of Manchester
Host: Robert Zinzen, Location: Axon II

RNA action at a distance: long noncoding RNAs act in cis and trans to regulate expression of the Hox gene Scr

10 Apr 2018

Mario Nicodemi, University of Naples Federico II
Host: Ana Pombo, Location: Axon II

Mapping chromatin in 4D and implications to human diseases

24 Apr 2018

Peter Refsing Andersen, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA)
Host: Markus Landthaler, Location: Großer HS Oskar-und-Cécile-Vogt-Haus (B55)

Hacking gene expression: active heterochromatin in genetic conflicts

02 May 2018
14:00 (Wednesday)

Matthew L. Kraushar, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin/Institute of Medical Physics and Biophysics
Host: Marina Chekulaeva, Location: Axon II

Protein synthesis in the ex vivo prenatal mammalian brain from genome-wide to near-atomic resolution

08 May 2018

Konstantin Khodosevich, University of Copenhagen
Host: Ana Pombo, Location: Axon I

Neuron type specific impairment in cognitive disorders

15 May 2018

Eric Lécuyer, Institute de Recherches Cliniques de Montréal (IRCM)
Host: Markus Landthaler, Location: Axon II

Musings on the weary travels of cellular RNAs and RNA binding proteins

12 Jun 2018

Alvaro Rada-Iglesias, University of Cologne/CECAD Research Center
Host: Ana Pombo, Location: Axon II

Modelling the pathological long-range regulatory effects of structural variation with patient-specific hiPSC

19 Jun 2018

Zissimos Mourelatos, University of Pennsylvenia, Perelman School of Medicine
Host: Nikolaus Rajewsky, Location: Axon I


01 Feb

Amos Tanay, Weizmann Institute
Host: Philipp Junker, Location: Axon 1

Transcriptional and epigenetic control in embryonic and stem cell differentiation

14 Feb

Alexander van Oudenaarden, Hubrecht Institute
Host: Philipp Junker, Location: Axon 2

Revealing novel cell types, cell-cell interactions, and cell lineages by single cell sequencing.

28 Feb

Steven A. Johnsen, University Medical Center Göttingen
Host: Ana Pombo, Location: Axon 2

Epigenetic Regulation of Cell Fate Specification

07 Mar

Ana Marques, University of Lausanne
Host: Ana Pombo, Location: Axon 1

Complex trait-relevant lincRNAs can regulate gene expression by modulating local chromosomal architecture

14 Mar

Patrick Lemaire, Centre for Macromolecular Biochemistry Research Montpellier
Host: Stephan Preibisch, Location: Axon 2

Embryonic inductions may constrain the evolution of ascidian embryonic morphogenesis

28 Mar

David Garfield, IRI Berlin
Host: Nikolaus Rajewsky, Location: Axon 2

Characterising embryonic regulatory landscapes using lineage-specific DNase-Seq and single-cell ATAC-Seq

31 Mar

Donald and Ada Olins, University of New England
Host: Ana Pombo, Location: Axon 2

Epichromatin: Nucleosomes at the Surface

04 Apr

Musa Mhlanga, University of Cape Town
Host: Ana Pombo, Location: Axon 2

Lncing Genome architecture to innate immunity

11 Apr

Stefan Bonn, DZNE Göttingen
Host: Robert Zinzen, Location: Axon 2

Can we predict biological processes and human disease?

02 May

Nils Blüthgen, Charité
Host: Nikolaus Rajewsky, Location: Axon 2

Using perturbation data to reconstruct signalling networks in cancer.

08 May

Julia Zeitlinger, Stowers Institute for Medical Research
Host: Ana Pombo, Location: Axon 1

Peaking into transcription using high-resolution genomics techniques

09 May

Andreas Mayer, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics
Host: Uwe Ohler, Location: Axon 2

Visualizing chromatin-mediated genome transcription at nucleotide resolution

23 May

Michael Stumpf, Imperial College London
Host: Ana Pombo, Location: Hist. Hörsaal

The dynamics of gene regulation networks during stem cell differentiation

30 May

Frank Buchholz, TU Dresden
Host: Uwe Ohler, Location: Hist. Hörsaal

Development of genomic medicine tools to decipher disease mechanisms

22 Jun

Gene Yeo, UCSD
Host: Uwe Ohler, Location: Axon 1

Insights into development and disease from large-scale studies of protein-RNA interactions

18 Jul

Stefan Ameres, IMBA
Host: Markus Landthaler, Location: Dendriten 2+3

Mechanism and Biology of RNA Silencing

17 Oct

Torben Heick Jensen, Aarhus University
Host: Markus Landthaler, Location: Hist. Hörsaal Haus 55

Sorting nuclear RNA for function or decay

24 Oct

Greg Sienski (Sabatini Lab), Whitehead Institute
Host: Markus Landthaler, Location: Dendrits 2/3

Metabolic consequences of genetic variation

02 Feb

Dominic Grün, Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics
Host: Nikolaus Rajewsky, Location:

De novo prediction of stem cell identity using single-cell transcriptome data.

23 Feb

Alena Shkumatava, Institute Curie
Host: Marina Chekulaeva, Location:

Dissecting vertebrate lncRNA functions and mechanism of action.

22 Mar

Christof Gebhardt, University of Ulm
Host: Philipp Junker, Location:

Single molecule imaging of genome activation in live zebrafish embryos.

12 Apr

Tilmann Buerckstuemmer, Horizon Discovery Wien
Host: Markus Landthaler, Location:

The CRISPR/Cas revolution: Genome engineering of human cells.

19 Apr

Nicolas Gompel, LMU Munich
Host: Stephan Preibisch, Location:

Regulatory evolution and the diversification of pigmentation patterns in Drosophila.

10 May

Loyal Goff, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Host: Robert Zinzen, Location:

Exploring cellular heterogeneity in the mammalian brain: lncRNAs and single cell analysis.

17 May

Jeff Gerst, Weizmann Institute
Host: Markus Landthaler, Location:

Intracellular and Intercellular RNA trafficking.

14 Jun

Eugene Makeyev, King's College London
Host: Marina Chekulaeva, Location:

On importance of mixed (RNA) messages in developing brain.

21 Jun

John Rinn, Harvard & Broad Institute Cambridge
Host: Robert Zinzen, Location:

Three and Four Dimensional Nuclear Organization by lncRNAs.

01 Sep

Oliver Hobert, Columbia University
Host: Baris Tursun, Location:

A regulatory map of the C. elegans nervous system.

04 Oct

Andreas Ladurner, LMU Munich
Host: Robert Zinzen, Location:

Metabolites regulate signalling to chromatin and drive epigenetic plasticity.

25 Oct

Argyris Papantonis, Center for Molecular Medicine
Host: Nikolaus Rajewsky, Location:

Isolation of transcription factories as a means for studying transcriptional organization of the human genome in space and time.

06 Dec

Wolf Reik, Babraham Institute
Host: Ana Pombo, Location:

Epigenetic reprogramming in mammalian development.

07 Dec

Sara Wickström, MPI Köln
Host: Ana Pombo, Location:

Mechanism and mechanics of stem cell fate regulation.

13 Dec

Irene Miguel-Aliaga, Imperial London College
Host: Nikolaus Rajewsky, Location:

Sex differences in adult organ size and plasticity.

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