The aim of our club is to bring together people who do microscopy or want to learn about it. Our club is highly interdisciplinary: we are physicists, biologists, computer scientists, and DIY geeks. We meet monthly and talk about ray and wave optics, old and new microscopy methods, fluorescent probes, cameras, objectives, etc. Volunteers and guest speakers are welcome!

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Next meeting:


Past meetings:


Stephan Prebisch: Simulating light propagation in tissues using raytracing.

Nikita Vladimirov: Highlights from Swiss Light-sheet Microscopy Workshop.


Martin Fritsch and Svenja Kunerth (Leica Microsystems). Lightning and Thunder adaptive image extraction and deconvolution.


Marie Walde (Woehler Lab). Confocal detectors.

Nikita Vladimirov (Preibisch Lab). Deconvolution for dummies.


Friedrich Preusser (Preibisch Lab). FISHing under microscopes: An overview of recent techniques for spatial transcriptomics.

Journal club (F. Preusser): DNA microscopy: Optics-free spatio-genetic imaging by a stand-alone chemical reaction. J.A. Weinstein, A.Regev, F.Zhang.

Nikita Vladimirov (Preibisch Lab). Metrology hands-on demo: how to measure hair width and other tiny things with micron precision without a microscope.


Demo an ultra-compact microscope for confocal/SIM/TIRF/single molecule imaging, Nanoimager.


Christopher Schmied, FMP. Digital images and their analysis.


Selma E. Anton, Lohse Lab. Lasers: where do the colors come from, what can they be used for and everything else you need to know.

Nikita Vladimirov, Preibisch Lab. Imaging, brain mapping, and messing with neuronal networks in zebrafish brain (journal club).


Elisabeth Baumann, Gerhardt Lab, MDC.
Creating sound with light: The principle and applications of Photoacoustic Microscopy.


Marie Walde, Woehler Lab, MDC. Co-localization analysis of fluorescence images: Overview & recent development.
Journal Club: Mapping molecular assemblies with fluorescence microscopy and object-based spatial statistics, Lagache et al, Nat. Comm. 2018.


Konstantin Grohmann, Advanced Light Microscopy platform, MDC.
Examining the performance of a fluorescence microscope. Slides


Benjamin Judkewitz, head of the Bioimaging and Neurophotonics Lab at Charité.
Deep imaging with time-reversed light.


An unresolved mystery of physics: the Double-Slit Experiment. Watching The Quantum Experiment that Broke Reality | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios and the classics, Richard Feynman’s Lecture on Electron Two-Slit Experiment


Sensors and cameras. Discussion of Nico Stuurman’s online lectures from


Martin Lehmann, Core Facility Cellular Imaging FMP
Introduction to fluorescent probes in microscopy. Quantitative assessment of fluorescent proteins. (Cranfill et al., Nat. Methods, 2016). Slides


Nikita Vladimirov, Preibisch Lab
Autofocus in microscopy and photography. RAPID: Real-time image-based autofocus for all wide-field optical microscopy systems. (Silvestri et al, 2017). Slides


Varun Kapoor, Preibisch Lab
Maxwell equations. Slides
Nikita Vladimirov, Preibisch Lab
Gaussian and Bessel beams. Slides


Marie Walde, Woehler Lab
Optical resolution and diffraction. Slides


Nikita Vladimirov, Preibisch Lab
Geometrical optics. Slides