14 Jan 2020

Paola Giusti, UNC
Host: Ana Pombo, Location: BIMSB large conference room

Dissecting the genetics of psychiatric disorders using functional genomics approaches

21 Jan 2020

Shona Murphy, University of Oxford
Host: Ana Pombo, Location: Maud-Menten-Saal, IRI Life Sciences, Philippstraße 13, Haus 18, 3. OG, 10115 Berlin

The Mysterious World of the Pol II CTD Kinases

12 Mar 2019

Abderrahman Khila, Institute Genomics Functional De Lyon
Host: Dario Lupianez, Location: Axon II

Development, selection, and species diversification: Semi-aquatic bugs as models

04 Jun 2019

Erik van Nimwegen, University Basel, Biocenter
Host: Nikolaus Rajewsky, Location: BIMSB large conference room

11 Jun 2019

Remo Rohs, University of Southern California
Host: Stephan Preibisch, Location: BIMSB large conference room

Integrating Genomics and Structural Biology Reveals Mechanisms of Gene Regulation

18 Jun 2019

Simon Elsässer, Karolinska Institute
Host: Leonie Ringrose, Location:


10 Sep 2019

Stephan Saalfeld, HHMI Janelia
Host: Stephan Preibisch, Location: BIMSB large conference room


26 Nov 2019

Gunter Meister, University of Regensburg
Host: Nikolaus Rajewsky, Location: BIMSB large conference room

Molecular principles of RNA modification and circular RNA pathway

23 Jan 2018

Menno Creyghton, Hubrecht Institute Utrecht
Host: Ana Pombo, Location: Großer HS Oskar-und-Cécile-Vogt-Haus (B55)

Regulatory evolution in the human brain and the emergence of neurodegenerative disease

30 Jan 2018

Marc Halfon, University of Buffalo
Host: Robert Zinzen, Location: Axon II

Evolution of a conserved gene regulatory network during Aedes aegypti nervous system development

12 Feb 2018

Marc A. Marti-Renom, Center for Genomic Regulation Barcelona
Host: Ana Pombo, Location: Axon II

Structure determination of genomes and genomic domains by satisfaction of spatial restraints

13 Mar 2018

Debora Marks, Harvard Medical School Boston
Host: Ana Pombo, Location: Axon II

Learning the Secrets of Sequences with Deep Generative Models

20 Mar 2018

Matthew Ronshaugen, University of Manchester
Host: Robert Zinzen, Location: Axon II

RNA action at a distance: long noncoding RNAs act in cis and trans to regulate expression of the Hox gene Scr

10 Apr 2018

Mario Nicodemi, University of Naples Federico II
Host: Ana Pombo, Location: Axon II

Mapping chromatin in 4D and implications to human diseases

24 Apr 2018

Peter Refsing Andersen, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA)
Host: Markus Landthaler, Location: Großer HS Oskar-und-Cécile-Vogt-Haus (B55)

Hacking gene expression: active heterochromatin in genetic conflicts

02 May 2018
14:00 (Wednesday)

Matthew L. Kraushar, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin/Institute of Medical Physics and Biophysics
Host: Marina Chekulaeva, Location: Axon II

Protein synthesis in the ex vivo prenatal mammalian brain from genome-wide to near-atomic resolution

08 May 2018

Konstantin Khodosevich, University of Copenhagen
Host: Ana Pombo, Location: Axon I

Neuron type specific impairment in cognitive disorders

15 May 2018

Eric Lécuyer, Institute de Recherches Cliniques de Montréal (IRCM)
Host: Markus Landthaler, Location: Axon II

Musings on the weary travels of cellular RNAs and RNA binding proteins

12 Jun 2018

Alvaro Rada-Iglesias, University of Cologne/CECAD Research Center
Host: Ana Pombo, Location: Axon II

Modelling the pathological long-range regulatory effects of structural variation with patient-specific hiPSC

19 Jun 2018

Zissimos Mourelatos, University of Pennsylvenia, Perelman School of Medicine
Host: Nikolaus Rajewsky, Location: Axon I


31 Jul 2018

Sevinc Ercan, New York University
Host: Stephan Preibisch, Location: TBA

Chromosome compaction and gene regulation in C. elegans

11 Sep 2018

Arnau Sébe-Pedrós, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
Host: Jan Philipp Junker, Location: Großer HS Oskar-und-Cécile-Vogt-Haus (B55)

Early metazoan cell type diversity and regulation by single-cell RNA-seq analysis

23 Oct 2018

Guillaume Andrey, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics; Development and Disease Research Group Berlin
Host: Dario Lupianez, Location: Axon II

The Dynamics of 3D Chromatin Structures Influence Transcription and Morphogenesis

06 Nov 2018

Malte Spielmann, University of Washington, Dept. of Genome Sciences Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics Berlin
Host: Dario Lupianez, Location: Großer HS Oskar-und-Cécile-Vogt-Haus (B55)

The dynamic transcriptional landscape of mammalian organogenesis at single cell resolution

04 Dec 2018

Federico M. Giorgi, University of Bologna/Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology
Host: Roland Schwarz, Location: Dendrits II + III

Leveraging gene networks to increase signal/noise ration in biological data

01 Feb

Amos Tanay, Weizmann Institute
Host: Philipp Junker, Location: Axon 1

Transcriptional and epigenetic control in embryonic and stem cell differentiation

14 Feb

Alexander van Oudenaarden, Hubrecht Institute
Host: Philipp Junker, Location: Axon 2

Revealing novel cell types, cell-cell interactions, and cell lineages by single cell sequencing.

28 Feb

Steven A. Johnsen, University Medical Center Göttingen
Host: Ana Pombo, Location: Axon 2

Epigenetic Regulation of Cell Fate Specification

07 Mar

Ana Marques, University of Lausanne
Host: Ana Pombo, Location: Axon 1

Complex trait-relevant lincRNAs can regulate gene expression by modulating local chromosomal architecture

14 Mar

Patrick Lemaire, Centre for Macromolecular Biochemistry Research Montpellier
Host: Stephan Preibisch, Location: Axon 2

Embryonic inductions may constrain the evolution of ascidian embryonic morphogenesis

28 Mar

David Garfield, IRI Berlin
Host: Nikolaus Rajewsky, Location: Axon 2

Characterising embryonic regulatory landscapes using lineage-specific DNase-Seq and single-cell ATAC-Seq

31 Mar

Donald and Ada Olins, University of New England
Host: Ana Pombo, Location: Axon 2

Epichromatin: Nucleosomes at the Surface

04 Apr

Musa Mhlanga, University of Cape Town
Host: Ana Pombo, Location: Axon 2

Lncing Genome architecture to innate immunity

11 Apr

Stefan Bonn, DZNE Göttingen
Host: Robert Zinzen, Location: Axon 2

Can we predict biological processes and human disease?

02 May

Nils Blüthgen, Charité
Host: Nikolaus Rajewsky, Location: Axon 2

Using perturbation data to reconstruct signalling networks in cancer.

08 May

Julia Zeitlinger, Stowers Institute for Medical Research
Host: Ana Pombo, Location: Axon 1

Peaking into transcription using high-resolution genomics techniques

09 May

Andreas Mayer, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics
Host: Uwe Ohler, Location: Axon 2

Visualizing chromatin-mediated genome transcription at nucleotide resolution

23 May

Michael Stumpf, Imperial College London
Host: Ana Pombo, Location: Hist. Hörsaal

The dynamics of gene regulation networks during stem cell differentiation

30 May

Frank Buchholz, TU Dresden
Host: Uwe Ohler, Location: Hist. Hörsaal

Development of genomic medicine tools to decipher disease mechanisms

22 Jun

Gene Yeo, UCSD
Host: Uwe Ohler, Location: Axon 1

Insights into development and disease from large-scale studies of protein-RNA interactions

18 Jul

Stefan Ameres, IMBA
Host: Markus Landthaler, Location: Dendriten 2+3

Mechanism and Biology of RNA Silencing

17 Oct

Torben Heick Jensen, Aarhus University
Host: Markus Landthaler, Location: Hist. Hörsaal Haus 55

Sorting nuclear RNA for function or decay

24 Oct

Greg Sienski (Sabatini Lab), Whitehead Institute
Host: Markus Landthaler, Location: Dendrits 2/3

Metabolic consequences of genetic variation

02 Feb

Dominic Grün, Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics
Host: Nikolaus Rajewsky, Location:

De novo prediction of stem cell identity using single-cell transcriptome data.

23 Feb

Alena Shkumatava, Institute Curie
Host: Marina Chekulaeva, Location:

Dissecting vertebrate lncRNA functions and mechanism of action.

22 Mar

Christof Gebhardt, University of Ulm
Host: Philipp Junker, Location:

Single molecule imaging of genome activation in live zebrafish embryos.

12 Apr

Tilmann Buerckstuemmer, Horizon Discovery Wien
Host: Markus Landthaler, Location:

The CRISPR/Cas revolution: Genome engineering of human cells.

19 Apr

Nicolas Gompel, LMU Munich
Host: Stephan Preibisch, Location:

Regulatory evolution and the diversification of pigmentation patterns in Drosophila.

10 May

Loyal Goff, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Host: Robert Zinzen, Location:

Exploring cellular heterogeneity in the mammalian brain: lncRNAs and single cell analysis.

17 May

Jeff Gerst, Weizmann Institute
Host: Markus Landthaler, Location:

Intracellular and Intercellular RNA trafficking.

14 Jun

Eugene Makeyev, King's College London
Host: Marina Chekulaeva, Location:

On importance of mixed (RNA) messages in developing brain.

21 Jun

John Rinn, Harvard & Broad Institute Cambridge
Host: Robert Zinzen, Location:

Three and Four Dimensional Nuclear Organization by lncRNAs.

01 Sep

Oliver Hobert, Columbia University
Host: Baris Tursun, Location:

A regulatory map of the C. elegans nervous system.

04 Oct

Andreas Ladurner, LMU Munich
Host: Robert Zinzen, Location:

Metabolites regulate signalling to chromatin and drive epigenetic plasticity.

25 Oct

Argyris Papantonis, Center for Molecular Medicine
Host: Nikolaus Rajewsky, Location:

Isolation of transcription factories as a means for studying transcriptional organization of the human genome in space and time.

06 Dec

Wolf Reik, Babraham Institute
Host: Ana Pombo, Location:

Epigenetic reprogramming in mammalian development.

07 Dec

Sara Wickström, MPI Köln
Host: Ana Pombo, Location:

Mechanism and mechanics of stem cell fate regulation.

13 Dec

Irene Miguel-Aliaga, Imperial London College
Host: Nikolaus Rajewsky, Location:

Sex differences in adult organ size and plasticity.

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