Our lab combines light & electron microscopy, transcription imaging and deep sequencing with computer vision and software development. We develop tools and solutions in order to study and model transcriptional regulation in development using C. elegans and other major model organisms.

We develop software in the context of ImgLib2, Fiji, and BigDataViewer and provide it open-source to the community.

Our lab is a part of the Berlin Institute of Medical System Biology (BIMSB), MDC, Berlin.

Lab Updates:

Next Microscopy Club meeting

2019, March 6. Marie Walde: Confocal detectors. Nikita Vladimirov: Deconvolution for dummies. mClub page

Our paper on Nature Methods cover

Vladimirov et al. paper on zebrafish brain imaging and circuit probing was featured in Nature Methods. Read more

We wrote a review!

The lab’s first review is out! Laura, Friedrich and Stephan summarized current state-of-the-art light microscopy methods and their application to C.elegans research. Read more

Laura Breimann got awarded the Add-on Fellowship for Interdisciplinary Science

Laura got awarded the Add-on Fellowship for Interdisciplinary Science from the Joachim Herz Foundation. Read more

circRTrain Course - Tissue Clearing, Lightsheet Microscopa and Data Handling

circRTrain students join the workshop organized by Stephan and Andrew Woehler. Read more

New collaborating PhD student - Peter Hirsch

Peter is a new shared PhD student together with the Kainmüller lab. Read more

New Publication: MTrack

Our new paper is out - MTrack: Automated Detection, Tracking, and Analysis of Dynamic Microtubules. Read more
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